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Curriculum Vitae

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2003 BA in Psychology, Minor in Sociology, Tulane University New Orleans, LA.

2009 Certified Yoga Teacher (500 hours), Swan River Yoga New Orleans, LA. 


Conferences/Continuing Education

2019 Psychedelic Science Summit, Austin, TX. 

2019 Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics, New York, NY.

2019 Gaian Mind Psychedelic Conference, Portland, OR.

2019 Arizona Psychedelic Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

2018 Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics, New York, NY.

Awards & Affiliations

2019 Autobiography and Fiction with Electric Literature Residency, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada.

2018 - Present Executive Director Psychedelic Society of New Orleans, LA.

2011 Helen Hill Award for Creativity: TimeCode NOLA Super 8 Contest for the original short film, Attack of the Zombie Werewolf.


Published Essays

2020  My Nephew Got Out Of Prison Due To COVID-19. But Where Is He Supposed To Go? Huffington Post

2019 My Son Has A 4-Person Co-parenting Team Of 3 Fathers And 1 Mother Huffington Post

2018 Three Cigarettes Momma Tried, New Orleans, LA.

2017 Raising My Baby With Three Dads...

Interviews & Public Speaking

2022 Hope that psychedelic drugs can erase trauma Nature Science Journal, London England.

2022 How To Change Your Mind Netflix Docuseries.

2022 The Only Way Out is Through Radiant Minds: The World of Oliver Sacks, Audible.

2022 Exploring Psychedelics and Entactogens as Treatments for Psychiatric Disorders: A Workshop The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine, Washington, D.C.

2022 5 people who used psychedelics to treat PTSD describe their experiences Business Insider, New York, New York.

2021 Molly, Psychedelic Drug, Shows Great Promise As Mental Health Treatment, New Study Finds Newsweek, New York, New York.

2021 Meet Lori Tipton: Writer & Public Speaker Shoutout LA, Los Angeles, California.

2021“A Personal Account of the Healing Power of MDMA Therapy” with Lori Tipton Enhanced Therapy Podcast, Canada.

2020 Mr. Tadpole Meets the Psychedelic Judge “It’s New Orleans” podcast, New Orleans, LA.

2019 MDMA, Or Ecstasy, Shows Promise As A PTSD Treatment, All Things Considered, NPR.

2019 PTSD & MDMA Psychotherapy Gaian Mind Psychedelic Conference, Portland, OR.

2019 Girls’ Trip - A Psychedelic Therapy Changing Women's Lives, DuJour Magazine, New York, New York.

2019 Living Well in the Big Easy Explores MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy and the FDA Backed Clinical Trials, 102.3 WHIV FM, New Orleans, Louisiana.

2019 Healing PTSD with MDMA assisted therapy - with Lori Tipton, “Conscious Living Network" Vancouver, British Columbia.

2019 The agony and the ecstasy: Using the 'party drug' MDMA to combat PTSD, Gambit Weekly New Orleans, LA. 
2019 To Unravel PTSD, She Took MDMA. A Promising Therapy Offers Hope, by Will Stone of NPR affiliate station KJIZZ 91.5

2019 Therapeutic MDMA, Canadian Broadcast Company, Toronto, Canada.

2019  Benefits of psychedelics to treat anxiety and PTSD, ABC15 News, Tempe, AZ.

2019 Undoing the Tape: Experiencing Trauma Release Through MDMA Therapy Psychedelic.Support

2019 Ecstasy Saved My Life “It’s New Orleans” podcast, New Orleans, LA.

2019 MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD “LA Talk Radio” podcast, Los Angeles, CA.

2018 A First Hand Report of MDMA Therapy for PTSD “Psychedelics Today” podcast, Breckenridge, CO.

2018 MAPS Seminar Students for Sensible Drug Policy: Tulane University, New Orleans, LA.

2018 How MDMA Psychotherapy Allowed Me To Heal, Psychedelic Society of New Orleans, LA.


2016 Room 512 (writer), Southern Rep’s 6x6 showcase, New Orleans, LA.

2015 Check the Right Box (writer), Skinhorse Theater, New Orleans, LA.

2014 KevinBaconFanboy38 (writer), Skinhorse Theater, New Orleans, LA.

2013 Live Studio Audience (writer), Skinhorse Theater, New Orleans, LA.

2012 The Shotgun (writer/director/producer), Fringe Fest New Orleans, LA.


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